Armstrong Air
Prep For Dealer Appt

Dealers who sell Armstrong Air have made a choice of their own: A choice to sell a better product that offers more to their customers. Every Armstrong Air dealer believes in a job well done, a fact that’s reflected in their professionalism, and in the work they perform.

Your dealer isn’t a salesperson, he or she is a consultant. Someone who will use his or her expertise in home comfort to help you select the system that is perfect for your home, your budget and your energy needs. Here are some other factors to consider when selecting your dealer:

  • Is your dealer properly licensed in your state?
  • NATENATE is the leading HVAC certification program and requires passing rigorous industry exams. Are your dealer’s technicians NATE certified?
  • Can your dealer provide emergency service hours if needed?
  • Can your dealer provide you with a detailed written contract that covers the equipment to be installed, warranty coverage, rebates and extended service plans?
  • Is the dealer properly insured?
  • Will your dealer share customer satisfaction surveys or testimonials with you?
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