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If you purchase qualifying models, you may be eligible for local energy incentives and rebates.

Local energy incentives

Many high-efficiency heating and cooling products qualify for local utility and energy incentives and rebates. Your Armstrong Air professional has the latest energy incentives information available at their fingertips, so be sure to ask them for details on how to save. Additional resources such as provide the ability to search for federal, state, and local incentives for your energy-efficient home improvements. Don't miss out on money-saving opportunities.

Federal energy incentives

Federal energy incentivess expired in 2016. If you're filing 2016 tax returns, purchased and installed eligible products between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2016, download the applicable PDF below. If you qualify, use that information when filing your taxes. Remember to talk to your tax advisor about your eligibility for this type of incentive.